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About Us

Barz Optics is an Australian based family company located at Burleigh Heads in Queensland, Australia.

The Company was established in 1996 by Kevin Barr – a former surfing champion with 45+ years experience in the surf, snow ski, jetski, sailing and sailboard industries.

Kevin began as a surf, sailboard and snow ski retailer then progressed to Manufacturers Agent, representing companies such as; O’Neill, Oakley, Vans, Freestyle watches, Hot Buttered etc.

During his years in the surf industry Kevin encountered many surfers and outdoor sports enthusiasts who suffered eye problems such as pterygium (a type of cataract caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays wind, spray and salt ) and who expressed the desire to protect their eyes from UV rays and obtain sunglasses to withstand their sports, and into which prescription lenses could be fitted.

This desire inspired Kevin to develop the sunglass/goggle to assist surfers in reducing the chance of developing pterygium and ensure maximum protection from UV rays and the elements.

Originally hand made from cellulose acetate requiring 16 hand routing processes and three days of tumble polishing, each pair took twelve days in production. A maximum of 200 pairs could be produced per week. 6 years and three design developments later the frame was produced by injection moulded using a hybrid nylon TR90 in our Currumbin factory as are five other components. The assembly was also carried out in the same facility enabling a capacity of 1200 pairs per week.

Barz in their early years were approached by many companies in the optical and sports industry to supply or develop variations of the Arfa. We have remained true to our vision and continue to research, develop and manufacture in Australia.

Over the last twenty five years Barz have expanded their products to include a wide range of unique sunglasses which contain polarised or non polarised lenses, utilising many different lens materials.  

Our range is featured on this web site including our floating models, photochromic lenses and the Kiama cross sport sunglass / goggle. While Barz Optics has remained a small family company, we are one of the most innovative optical companies in the world.

Enjoy our products knowing

your eyesight has the best protection available!

All our sunglass lenses block harmful light and offer 100% protection from both UVB & UVA rays. - UV400 protection.

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*Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show - 16th to 19th May



*NZ Fishing, Hunting, 4x4 Expo- 23rd to 25th AugustROTORUA

*NZ Boat, Fish & Dive Expo - 31st August



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