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The Maui is a sporty half frame, ideal for running and cycling.

With a 8 base wrap, it fits well with a great sports wrap coverage.


The Maui's TR90 hybrid frame comes in Matte Black.  


Lens options are:

- Grey Polarised Acetate


- Amber Polarised Acetate


- Blue Mirror polarised Acetate


- Amber Polarised Photochromic Acetate

The amber photochromic polarised lenses are lighter in low light conditions such as rain, fog or heavily overcast conditions and in direct sunlight they darken.

There is a 40% difference which takes the lens from a category 2 lens to a category 3. (Australian standard protective eyewear)


The Maui Polarised Sunglasses are supplied with a neoprene case and retainer.

Maui Acetate Polarised

SKU: 0018
Frame Color: Matte Black
Lens Colour
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