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Like the adult version the kids Nauru has curved temples that wrap around the head,  which make the glasses hold on without any pressure to the skull.


They are ideal to be worn under helmets but also come into their own during active sports.

Perfect for junior sailors, SUP or kayak paddlers or for fishing as they stay put and won’t fall off the head.


They offer great protection from the elements of wind, spray and UV as they are an 8 base wrap frame.


Frame options are:

- Matte Black


- Gloss Red


Lens options are:

- Grey Polarised 1.1mm Triacate


- Amber Polarised 1.1mm Triacate


8 Base. Category 3

Frame dimensions:

Lens length 6cm, Lens height 3.5cm.

Frame 18cm long with curve, 12.5cm long straight across, arms 10cm long.


Each pair of Nauru Junior Polarised Kids Sunglasses is supplied with a neoprene case and leash.

Nauru Junior Polarised Kids Sunglasses

SKU: 0022
Frame Color
Lens Colour
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